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Value Added Tax in Lebanon (VAT)

In this workshop, you will learn everything you need to know about VAT in Lebanon from A to Z

Course Outline

Value added tax

  • Definition of Value added tax
  • Taxable supplies & Taxable persons

Registration in VAT

  • Mandatory and optional registration
  • ¬†Registration when having taxable and non taxable services/products
  • Registration deadline

The deductible tax

  • Services and products totally subject to VAT
  • Services and products partially subject to VAT
  • Services and products not subject to VAT

Accounting treatment of VAT

  • Sales and Revenues/taxable and non taxable items
  • Purchases and expenses/taxable and non taxable items
  • Acquirement and disposal of fixed assets
  • Periodical closing for VAT accounts
  • Invoice which is accepted by the M.O.F


  • Issuing virtual invoices
  • Not issuing invoices
  • Issuing invoices with wrong information

VAT declarations

  • Preparing VAT declaration from a given trial balance
  • Submission deadline
  • Penalties on delay of submission

Other related issues

  • VAT reclaiming
  • imported and exported goods
  • VAT accounts in the chart of accounts

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