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Marc Ghraichi

Experienced Associate


I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude and provide feedback on your teaching during the Dip IFR exams. Your expertise, dedication, and guidance have been instrumental in helping me pass these challenging courses, and I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done. Specifically, I appreciated all instructors’ clear and concise explanations of complex concepts, which made it much easier for me to understand and apply the material. Your use of practical examples and real-life scenarios was particularly helpful in preparing me for the exams.  In addition, the study materials you provided were incredibly helpful, and the feedback you gave us on previous exams was so generous. I always felt that I could ask questions and seek clarification when I needed it, and the willingness of you, Youssef, and all other instructors to provide additional support outside of class was greatly appreciated. Overall, I feel that those lessons have helped me to develop a strong foundation in financial reporting standards, which will be invaluable as I move forward in my career. I also appreciate your patience, positivity, and professionalism throughout the course, which made the learning experience all the more enjoyable.

Roba Bou Assi

Finance Manager

Holmed Group

I attended the highly beneficial DipIFR program at BCA International and had the privilege of participating in several training workshops. I wholeheartedly recommend their programs, as they have made a significant impact on my professional growth. The instructors are knowledgeable and adept at simplifying complex concepts, making the workshops engaging and understandable. The interactive nature of the workshops fosters valuable discussions and encourages participation, allowing for diverse perspectives and insights. The comprehensive training materials provided are invaluable resources, and BCA International’s commitment to staying up-to-date with industry trends ensures the content is relevant.

Karine Kamareddine

Financial Manager


Becoming a CMA has been a lifelong dream of mine since I was 20 years old. Thanks to BCA, my dream has finally come true. BCA has shown me that where there is a will and dedication, they will provide the pathway to achieve it. I am grateful for BCA’s commitment to helping individuals like me fulfill their aspirations.

Nicolas Abou Kheir

External Auditor

BDO Semaan and Gholam

I wanted to express my appreciation for the support you have provided me during my studies. Your dedication and enthusiasm for teaching have had a profound influence on me, both academically and personally. The constructive feedback and guidance you offered on assignments and projects have played crucial role in developing my critical thinking skills and refining my expertise in your subject area. Moreover, your willingness to go above and beyond by providing additional assistance and addressing any queries has made me feel valued and motivated to pursue continuous learning. Thank you BCA for the support, instructors, and assistance you have provided to me.

Yasmine Abdallah

Assurance Associate


The BCA training program goes beyond improving my skills and knowledge; it also provides excellent support from instructors and valuable learning materials. Participating in these training sessions and earning certificates will undoubtedly contribute to enhancing our job performance and advancing our positions.

Rebecca Bader



BCA feels like a second home, as they prioritize your education, support you throughout your studies, and provide a well-designed strategy to help you reach your objectives. My greatest accomplishment was successfully passing the CMA Part 2 Exam. I am grateful to BCA for their assistance and guidance.

Hadi Hashem

Senior Tax Analyst


I had a valuable and enjoyable experience attending the PAP course offered by BCA International. It provided me with the opportunity to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds and gain insights from various perspectives. This training proved to be highly beneficial as it expanded my knowledge and facilitated my understanding of work-related matters. I would like to highlight the exceptional teaching skills of Dr. Wael, who was not only friendly but also adept at explaining complex principles in a simplified manner.
I strongly recommend this course to recent graduates or those starting new jobs, as it offers valuable insights into tax, payroll, and NSSF in Lebanon.

Ziad El Sokhn

Experience Associate


Thank you for actively being a source of support and guidance throughout our journey. And a special thanks to the instructors for answering our questions during their free time for explanation, having first in mind our success. It was a great journey. Now, on to the next

Roger Abou Rjelly

Group Finance Director



The online courses offered by BCA International are incredibly well-organized and impactful! I have gone through their courses twice and have witnessed a remarkable improvement in my financial analysis performance. The course surpassed my expectations in various aspects, particularly in the depth of information provided and the access to the instructor for feedback on my work in progress. The non-threatening learning environment allowed me to grasp key principles of Financial Statements that I could immediately implement. Initially, I had doubts about whether an online course could address all my questions, but Mr. Wael Jawhar’s expertise truly shines through! The video tutorials and printable checklists were indispensable resourcesa

Eliane Khairallah

Associate Auditor

Sarkis Sakr & Partners

To enhance my knowledge in accounting and auditing, I have attended numerous workshops throughout my career as an auditor. Among them, the workshops conducted by BCA have proven to be the most beneficial. The workshops provided comprehensive explanations of each financial statement, along with clear analysis and practical training on their preparation. This enabled me to strengthen my accounting skills and gain a thorough understanding of how to prepare and apply financial statements in my work. I am grateful to Mr. Wael for his clarity in delivering the courses and for fostering interactive discussions among participants. Therefore, I highly recommend these internationally certified workshops to accountants and auditors seeking professional development and valuable insights.

Charbel Naim Bechaalany

Senior Auditor

Ministry of Finance

I had the opportunity to pursue my DipIFR studies with BCA International, a team led by Mr. Wael that is highly dedicated and committed. The online courses provided were well-structured, the instructors displayed a high level of professionalism and were always available to assist, and the management team was exceptionally supportive and helpful. I highly recommend BCA as an institution where you not only receive education but also become a valued member of a close-knit community.

Micheline Moussa

Chief Accountant

Moore Lebanon

I attended DipIFR online classes with BCA International, and I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking to obtain a certificate. The teachers and team members at BCA International are truly amazing and incredibly helpful. They go above and beyond to ensure that the material is explained in the clearest way possible. I am grateful for their efforts in helping us succeed in the exam and advance in our careers.

Hamza Shaikha

Accounts Payable supervisor

Tahseen Khayat Group

The sessions were perfect, and Mr. Wael is an amazing tutor who is generous with his knowledge sharing. The knowledge I acquired during the course is extremely useful in my field. I didn’t encounter any difficulties throughout the sessions. I just wanted to say thank you so much for the opportunity, and I’m looking forward to the next workshop.

Elissa El Rami


Resource Group

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in an online course offered by BCA. As an accountant working in the “Resource Group,” I found the course to be very beneficial, as it expanded my knowledge significantly! I am delighted that I made the decision to pursue my education with BCA, as their programs greatly assist me in my work. Specifically, the Practical Accounting Program (PAP) is perfectly suited for fresh graduates and individuals seeking to enhance their accounting and taxation expertise.

Nora Yassine

Head of finance department

BLOM Development Bank

I enrolled in BCA for the DipIFR exam preparation course. Despite joining late, I was able to catch up successfully with their support. The training program itself is well-structured, with the added benefit of recording all sessions for easy reference. The PowerPoint slides provided are particularly valuable as they effectively summarize the key concepts. The instructors demonstrate extensive knowledge of the material and employ a seamless teaching approach. In addition to the satisfying technical experience, the BCA team is extremely  supportive. Despite a relatively large number of candidates, they maintain a personalized approach, offering individual follow-up and ensuring that everyone stays on the right track. Their responsiveness to inquiries is prompt and efficient, further enhancing the overall learning experience.

Livon Bilawji

Senior Auditor

Geahchan Audit firm

The support and guidance I received from the instructors throughout this challenging journey were unmatched. My personal effort and countless sleepless nights have finally paid off. I genuinely want to express my gratitude to BCA International for assisting me in successfully passing the DipIFR. Now, we move forward to face new challenges.

Lara Yazbak

Branch Manager

Blom Bank

Among the many training centers available for CMA training, BCA Center was the one that received the highest recommendations through my network. I was a bit skeptical at first, but initially, BCA under promised and overachieved. It was everything I was hoping for and a little extra. What I appreciated the most was how much they genuinely care about their students and the effectiveness of their follow-ups.

Hasan El hajj

Assistant branch manager

Blom bank

I enrolled in BCA International to pursue my CMA Certification. The institute has exceptional tutors, creates a positive atmosphere, and possesses a great attitude. I would like to extend my personal gratitude to Mr. Wael Jawhar for guiding me in selecting the correct path and for sharing his expertise and experience with great professionalism. I highly recommend this institute.

Joanna Hariri

Customer Service Representative/ Finance Officer

Blom Bank S.A.L/ Lebanese Red Cross

I joined the BCA team with the intention of expanding my understanding of management accounting and engaging in strategic business decision-making and development. After a two-year wait, BCA proved to be the perfect choice for me. The continuous follow-up, commitment to training excellence, and exceptional expertise are the factors that distinguish BCA as a highly professional center.

Nour Farkouh

Customer Service Retail

Bank MED

A year ago, I enrolled in BCA International to pursue my Diploma in IFRS (DipIFR), which I successfully achieved. Currently, I am continuing my education with them for the second time, studying for my CMA. I firmly believe that I wouldn’t have reached such a high level of education without the guidance and support of their professional institution, tutors, and staff. BCA International consistently goes above and beyond in providing excellent follow-up and ensuring the success of all its trainees.

Mirna Lawand


Publishing House

In the market, numerous training centers exist, but only a limited number of them can be considered truly commendable. I have personally attended several workshops at BCA and am currently in the process of preparing for the CMA exam. BCA stands out as a training center of exceptional quality, both in terms of the level of instruction they provide and the comprehensive content they offer.

Marguarita Abou Jaoude

Senior accountant

Premium Broking House SAL

My experience with BCA was truly remarkable as they provided exceptional support and presented information in a clear and concise manner. Ultimately, choosing to pursue the CMA certification with BCA is the ideal path to take.

Sara Yassine

Internal Auditor

Muhanad Cars, Erbilm Iraq

The workshop was very insightful and fruitful. It was well-executed, and valuable information was delivered in an excellent manner. The skills acquired in this workshop will greatly benefit anyone who participates in it. I highly recommend “BCA” to anyone interested in improving their skills in “Accounting and Finance”

Nadine Halawi

Senior Accountant

SP Catering SAL

I highly recommend attending workshops conducted by BCA International, especially because they provide practical application of the skills acquired. The session was incredibly useful and stimulating. I came away with a valuable list of techniques that I can implement in my daily work. It was evident that everyone gained a lot from the workshop, and I was particularly impressed with the content and the practical advice it offered in the field of accounting and finance. I would confidently recommend these workshops to accounting/finance candidates and even business owners who are seeking to enhance their business performance.

Walid El Kassis

Finance Manager


Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to attend several useful, clear, and informative workshops conducted by BCA International. I highly recommend these workshops to individuals working in the accounting and auditing field who are seeking to deepen and enrich their knowledge. I am grateful to the supervisors at BCA International for their ongoing support and belief in the Lebanese generation.

Mohamad Bissani

Officer/Financial Control Division

Bank Med

I have had the privilege of attending two workshops with BCA, and both have greatly contributed to my knowledge in the field. The first workshop focused on Payroll in Lebanon, while the second one covered the topic of Reading & Understanding Financial Statements. In both workshops, the trainer, Mr. Wael, showcased extensive knowledge, generously sharing valuable information in a concise and accurate manner. Not only did I benefit from the workshops themselves, but I also received ongoing support from Wael and BCA, free of charge. I personally experienced their commitment to assisting participants beyond the workshop sessions. I highly recommend BCA in general, and specifically Mr. Wael Jawhar, to anyone looking to enhance their accounting and finance knowledge.
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