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Preparing Statement of Cash Flow

One of the most complicated topics to accounting/finance candidates is discussed here in details to make the preparation of this statement clear, easy and interesting.

Statement of cash flow: Definition and illustration

  • What a statement of cash flow is.
  • Why the statement of cash flow is prepared.
  • When the statement of cash flow is prepared.

Presentation of a SCF

  • Cash Flow from operating activities
    The direct method.
    The indirect method.
  • Cash Flow from investing activities.
  • Cash Flow from financing activities.

Adjustments to Net Income

  • Supplemental schedule.
  • Limitations of the SCF.
  • Common errors in practice.

Related issues that will be discussed during the workshop

  • Cash and Cash Equivalents.
  • Foreign currency and Difference of exchange.
  • Realized and unrealized difference of exchange.
  • Value added Tax and Other income taxes.
  • Gains/Losses.
  • Proceeds resulting from selling fixed assets.
  • Depreciation/Amortization.
  • Interest Income/Interest expense.
  • Loans given/taken.
  • prepayments and accruals.
  • Accounts Receivable.
  • Inventory/Supplies.
  • Long term Investments.
  • Notes Payable.

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