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Payroll in Lebanon

This workshop gives you the opportunity to practically know everything about payroll from the moment an employee starts working at the organization up to the moment he leaves it. Rules and regulations, entries and declarations are all discussed and practically prepared in this workshop.

Course Outline

  • Difference between a salary and a wage?
  • Definition of Payroll tax
  • Calculating Payroll tax
  • Payroll declarations: Definitions, discussions and deadlines
  • Preparing the periodical payroll tax declarations
    Who is responsible for declaration?
  • Preparing the log wage copybook
  • Calculating the NSSF subscription Fees
  • Family allowances: Discussion and Calculation
  • Periodical declarations: When and how to submit
  • The basis for calculating the end of service indemnity
  • Preparing periodical NSSF declarations?
  • Dealing and reporting overtime, Incentives, Food allowances, Housing, clothes and Commissions
  • Preparing annual nominal declarations
  • Dealing with differences in declarations submitted

Declarations that will be filled during the workshop:

  • R3: Application for registration of a new employee
  • R3-1: Book request/the registration of users
  • R4: Information statement from the employee to the employer
  • R5: Annual statement on the income tax on wages & salaries
  • R6: Employee annual statement of earnings
  • R7: Statement of employees left during the year
  • R8: Statement for employees working in different entities
  • R10: Periodical income tax on wages & salaries
  • SAD 2: Payment statement of income tax on wages & salaries
  • Preparing NNSF periodical and nominal annual declarations
  • Modifications of any mentioned declaration

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