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Finance for Non Finance Professionals

The Finance for Non-Financial course is designed to enable people with no financial background to understand finance and its associated terminology. Professionals who are equipped with a financial background are highly capable of managing any operating scenario and are considered as good decision makers.

Discussing basic accounting principles, concepts and assumptions:

  • Going concern assumption.
  • Revenue Recognition Principle.
  • Matching Principle.

Definition and discussions on basic elements of financial statements:

  • Non current assets, PPE, Depreciation and Amortization.
  • Inventories, Accounts Receivable and Cash& Cash Equivalent.
  • Capital, Reserves, and Retained Earnings.
  • Long term and short term liabilities.
  • Prepayments and accruals.
  • Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), Gross Profit, Operating Income and Net Income.

Working Capital

  • What is working capital? Formula and discussion.
  • What does the working capital show us?.
  • Current ratio and liquid ratio.
  • How to increase the working capital of a company?.

Technical Analysis

  • Income statement versus Cash flow statement.
  • EBITDA versus Net Income.
  • Net income and earning per share.
  • Net income and earning per share.

Reading and discussing the complete set of financial statements

  • Statement of profit or loss and other comprehensive income.
  • Statement of financial position (balance sheet).
  • Statement of changes in equity.
  • Statement of cash flows.
  • Notes and disclosures.

Time Value of Money

  • Future Value of a single amount.
  • Doubling Period.
  • Future value of fixed cash flow.
  • Present Value of a single amount.
  • Present value of fixed cash flows.

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